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Hot Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks
Country USA USA
December 4, 1973 birth
Age 37 years
Model and TV personality, famous
26 galleries
Total 374 pics, 8 videos
July 28, 2011 to update the page
Tyra Lynne Banks, a former American supermodel Carolyn, a photographer, and Dan, a computer consultant in Inglewood, California on December 4, 1973, was born.
Banks began modeling when she was 17, but her early modeling days, kicked off her career in Paris. Her fashion and Victoria's Secret, Swatch, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana advertising and a wide range of work for the heavyweights, and Elle, Vogue, and graced the covers of Cosmopolitan. Based on her last runway, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bundchen for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005 on with.
Banks in the television series "Fresh Bell - Prince of the Air" and "Felicity" is a member of a character. Her performances in the film "Higher Learning", "Life Size", and "Coyote Ugly" are. She was nominated for an Emmy Award for her now, "Tyra Banks Show", hosting his own talk show and reality TV series "America's Next Top" model, the judge, and is known for hosting.
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Free Galleries
* 2011-07-28: Tyra Banks in a bikini by paparazzi attention
* 2011-04-27: Tyra Banks and a sexy in lingerie
* 2009-06-15: Clips of Tyra Banks in sexy lingerie videos erpadavu
* 2009-04-29: without the former super model Tyra Banks erpadavu
* 2009-04-05: Juicy Tyra Banks in the chest to reveal a small BRA
* 2008-08-06: Tyra Banks sexy white hot for the beach
* 2008-07-22: Tyra Banks, and beautiful lingerie sexy candid pics
* 2008-05-13: Tyra Banks in a wet bikini shots of beauty
* 2008-04-30: Super model Tyra Banks in sexy lingerie models
* 2008-04-29: Tyra Banks wear erpadavu redcarpet sexyshort
* 2008-04-07: Tyra Banks, BRA, showing the side with no boobs
* 2008-03-10: Former super model Tyra Banks in Bikini erpadavu
* 2008-02-22: Tyra Banks Falls erpadavu without the video below
* 2008-02-19: Tyra Banks sexy deep cleavage photos
* 2008-01-10: Tyra Banks and attractive with a deep cleavage photos
* 2007-12-16: itty bitty Stunning Tyra Banks in Boob Tube
* 2007-09-21: Top Model Tyra Banks in a variety of bikinis
* 2007-07-10: Super model Tyra Banks Big Tits
* 2007-01-03: Tyra Banks in Tight Bikini
* 2006-12-19: Tyra Banks Seethru & without
* 2006-11-22: Tyra Banks Bikini paparazzi photos
* 2006-09-20: Tyra Banks and Bikini Shots Seethru
* 2005-03-28: Tyra Banks in Bikini erpadavu
* 2003-05-25: Sexy Tyra Banks erpadavu without
* 2002-11-27: Tyra Banks, without erpadavu
* 2002-11-27: see Tyra Banks - by Top
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